Announcing: The Ad Fontes Podcast!

We are excited to announce the launch of The Ad Fontes Podcast – a weekly writers and editors podcast to accompany our quarterly Ad Fontes journal.

Ad fontes” means “to the sources!” and was a rallying cry of the Reformation as the Reformers sought to return to the historic teaching and practice of the church. We hope to do the same in this podcast by looking closely at the kinds of texts and sources covered in the Ad Fontes journal.

Our aim is to not just to think about the sources, but to think through the sources – to have our minds shaped by what has gone before, not to simply pay lip service to it. We’re not just after knowledge, but wisdom.

Of course, Davenant isn’t just about detailed scholarly study, but also breaking bread and building friendship with one another. So there will be plenty of joking, lighthearted bickering, and baseless speculation among our co-hosts – Onsi Kamel (Editor-in-Chief of The Davenant Press), Colin Redemer (Vice President of The Davenant Institute) and Rhys Laverty (Associate Editor).

As well as discussing a main topic each week, we’ll also share what we’re reading (so you know what makes us tick) and spotlight Davenant resources and events.

We will feature occasional guests, especially from among other Ad Fontes writers and contributors, but this is mainly a chance to see “behind the scenes” of our journal as the editors and writers chew the fat about what’s taken our interest that week in the riches of the Protestant tradition.

Our first episode is now live, and we start off by talking about Lent. Why has it enjoyed a recent renaissance among evangelicals? What are its roots? What did the Reformers say? And will The Davenant Institute cash in on it?

Find out by listening on your podcast app of choice (we should be available everywhere!), but you can find it here on Apple or Spotify.