A place...

to ask hard questions without expecting easy answers.

to wrestle with what it means to be a disciple of Christ today.

to recover the lost art of conversation — of hashing out important differences respectfully, yet earnestly.

for quiet reflection.

to grow closer to God and grow in understanding of His Word through worship, study, and conversation with other believers.

to experience the beauty of nature and the biodiversity of the southern Appalachians.


A place to grow.
Recovering Christian wisdom to renew the church and commonwealth.

Davenant House is not just a place to learn the right answers or the right ideas. It’s a place for reflection, for questioning, for conversation, for prayer—a place to connect with God, neighbor, and nature and be renewed for a life of faithful witness and service.

The Recovery of Wisdom

Fall 2019 Calendar

September 28, 2019: Davenant Discussions: Pursuing Wisdom Together from the Book of Ecclesiastes. This month’s Davenant Discussion hosted at the Davenant House will feature Dr. Benjamin Shaw from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  He will discuss his recent commentary Ecclessiastes: Life in a Fallen World, we’ll enjoy lunch together, and there will be rich discussion time to think about how this oft misunderstood book helps us understand how to live wisely under the sun. Please join us! More information and registration at: https://davenantinstitute.org/davenant-discussions

Davenant Discussions is a monthly gathering featuring presentations from local seminary professors, pastors, and church leaders helping us to engage with our contemporary world through the wisdom gleaned from the Scriptures and our forebears in the church. If interested in receiving further information, email [email protected]