Davenant Latin Institute Hires Aaron Denlinger

We are pleased to announce that, beginning this Spring Semester, Aaron Denlinger will be joining the faculty of our Davenant Latin Institute. Dr. Denlinger is Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Reformation Bible College, and Research Fellow for the Puritan Studies Program of the University of the Free State. He is the author or editor of several books and numerous articles on early modern Reformed history and theology. Recent work includes Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland, 1560-1775 (Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2015) for which he served as editor, and a translation of Robert Rollock’s 1596 Quaestiones et responsiones aliquot de foedere Dei (Eugene: Pickwick Publications, forthcoming).

Dr. Denlinger is highly qualified to teach both the intricacies of the Latin language in its early modern usage, and also to teach the broader theological and historical context for early modern Latin writings, and is accordingly a great fit for our Advanced Early Modern Latin Reading online course. Initially, he will just fill in for a few weeks in the Spring semester of the current Advanced course, but he plans to teach the entire course next fall, and also lead our Residential Intensive Advanced Translation seminar this summer. The project for the summer seminar will be a translation of the never-before-translated De Praedestione et Reprobatione by John Davenant, a seminal early Reformed treatment of the doctrine of predestination that Dr. Denlinger will be translating and editing for our Library of Early English Protestantism. We are confident that Dr. Denlinger will prove to be a tremendous asset for our organization as we pursue our work of Protestant resourcement.