The Davenant Trust is now The Davenant Institute

The Davenant Trust has changed its name to The Davenant Institute.


On June 1, the Board of Directors authorized The Davenant Trust to change its name to the Davenant Institute beginning in the 2017-18 fiscal year. After a couple false starts due to gremlins in the interwebs, the change took effect today and will soon be reflected not only here on our website, but on our Kindful donation portal, our Facebook page, and our Youtube channel. In a statement today, Brad Littlejohn, Director of the Institute, said,

“As Davenant has grown and developed as an organization, so has our clarity about our mission and vision, and the avenues of ministry the Lord has called us to. Our new name, The Davenant Institute, better reflects our commitment to re-invigorating the legacy of the Reformation by providing training and resources, and building networks, that bridge the gap between the church and academy. Rather than waiting for promising project proposals to come along, we are proactively seeking out needs that the Lord has equipped us to address, and creating tools and opportunities to help today’s Protestants grow in wisdom and serve their communities.”


We look forward to announcing very soon some of the new projects and initiatives that we will be undertaking this fall under our new name. Read our full mission and vision statement here, and please consider donating to support our endeavors.