Jesus and Pacifism: An Exegetical and Historical Investigation

Andrew A. Fulford

In recent decades, the ideal of pacifism has gone from the margins to the mainstream, first among liberal Protestantism and more recently among evangelicals as well. Frustrated with the misguided militarism of the Christian Right, many young Christians have turned to the works of Stanley Hauerwas, and John Howard Yoder, seeking a more authentic way to walk in the way of Jesus. In this book, Andrew Fulford shows that these arguments, while well-intentioned, fail to take seriously the whole biblical witness and even the teaching of Jesus, and recommends that contemporary Christians troubled by the scourge of violence look instead to the magisterial Protestant just war tradition.

“In this concise little book, the author does more than merely refute the case for Christian pacifism. He also shows that special revelation coheres with general revelation and that natural law (which results from God’s creative work) coheres with the Bible (which is inspired by the Creator). He deals extensively with the key biblical texts and shows the unity of Scripture, thus removing the need for the “canon-within-the-canon” approach that defenders of Christian pacifism are forced to adopt. This little work is highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with this issue.” —Dr. Craig A. Carter, Professor of Theology, Tyndale University College, Toronto, Ontario

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About the Author

Andrew A. Fulford is a Ph.D candidate in Historical Theology at McGill University. He has published articles on political theory and the doctrine of Scripture in the Protestant Reformation, and is a columnist at the web journal The Calvinist International.

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