Advanced Latin Courses

Advanced Theological Latin Reading: Reformation and Early Modern

Cost: $200 for access to recorded lectures and course materials, plus $650 for full for-credit class.


This course will enable you to delve deeply into the linguistic, literary, and theological world of Reformation and Early Modern Latin authors such as Vermigli, Chemnitz, and Davenant. Lectures and background readings will introduce the linguistic and rhetorical distinctives of the use of Latin in this era, the key genres of theological writing, and the technical theological and philosophical terminology that you must grasp in order to read these texts with full comprehension. Students will translate assigned excerpts of Reformation and Early Modern works, many of them previously untranslated, or, in lieu of the assigned excerpts, may choose a longer text (~10,000 words) to work through over the course of the semester with input from their instructor and classmates. It takes place over the course of 15 weeks, with 1-1.5 hrs. of recorded lecture, a 1.5-hr. live online class, and 6-8 hours of homework time each week.

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Take Course for Credit ($850), Lecture Access Only ($200)