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Residential+Online Intensive Introduction to Latin

If you want to participate in our residential intensive course to begin your Latin studies, but hope to continue with our online classes, or want to be eligible to receive academic credit for the course, this is the option for you. Begin with our full-time one-week residential course and then, at the conclusion of the week, you will be given an exam, additional graded assignments, two online videoconference lessons, and then a final exam (totaling 20-40 hours of additional assignments). Assuming satisfactory performance on these assessments, you will be considered to have completed the equivalent of LAT511, and be eligible to continue with LAT512, LAT502, or LAT522.
The full-time week-long residential course (May 22-27, 2017) is intended to lay a good foundation for students eager to read Latin literature. From the first day participants will be immersed in Latin through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will study the engaging narrative of Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina, memorize Latin creeds and hymns, and enjoy conversations, games, and outdoor activities, all which will help them learn and internalize Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, as well as whet their appetite for further study.
The course is intended primarily for beginners who have no previous experience with Latin. Those who know some Latin grammar but who desire to develop their reading ability are also welcome to enroll, as are Latin teachers who want to begin using active Latin in their classrooms. The instructor, Michael Spangler, is an experienced Latin teacher and speaker. He is pursuing pastoral ministry and doctoral study in the Latin poetry of Theodore Beza.
See full syllabus here.

The cost for this course is $720, including your room and board for the duration of the course, plus the subsequent tutoring and assessment. Students commuting each day to the residential portion, rather than staying overnight, pay $540.

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Commuter Student ($780), Residential Student ($1080)