Volume 6 – Commentary on the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah

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Dan Shute, trans. & ed.

Peter Martyr Vermigli’s earliest biblical commentary to survive is his lectures on the Book of Lamentations. As a refugee from Catholic Italy, Martyr sympathizes with the Hebrew poet, who looks over the devastation of Jerusalem. The Introduction gives a précis of Christian Hebraism and pays particular attention to the Bomberg Bible. The notes highlight Martyr’s allusions to the Jewish commentators of that Bible.

Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499–1562) is considered to be one of the most important Italian reformers of the early modern period. Martyr is the subject of renewed interest for historical and theological scholars. The Peter Martyr Library, a series of critical English translations of the chief works of Peter Martyr Vermigli, allows his own words in context to speak for themselves.

Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, Vol. 55


Abbreviations Used in This Volume
Type Conventions Used in This Volume
Translator’s Introduction

Commentary on the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah

Alphabet, or Chapter 1
Alef, or Verse 1
Bet, or Verse 2
Gimel, or Verse 3
Dalet, or Verse 4
He, or Verse 5
Vav, or Verse 6
Zain, or Verse 7
Het, or Verse 8
Tet, or Verse 9
Yod, or Verse 10
Kaf, or Verse 11
Lamed, or Verse 12
Mem, or Verse 13
Nun, or Verse 14
Samekh, or Verse 15
Ayin, or Verse 16
Pe, or Verse 17
Tzade, or Verse 18
Qof, or Verse 19
Resh, or Verse 20
Shin, or Verse 21
Tav, or Verse 22

Alphabet, or Chapter 2
Alef through Tav, or Verses 1-22 [as above Chapter 1]

Alphabet, or Chapter 3
Alef through Tav [as above Chapter 1]

Alphabet, or Chapter 4 
Alef through Tav, or Verses 1-22 [as above Chapter 1]

Chapter 5, or the Prayer of Jeremiah 
Verses 1-22 [as above Chapter 1]

Scripture References
About the Editor


Reverend Dr. Daniel Shute earned his B.A. at the University of Guelph, the M.L.S. from McGill University, the M.Div. from Knox College in Toronto, and the Ph.D. from Dr. Joseph McLelland at McGill University. Dr. Shute is an ordained minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and has served in a pastoral charge in New Brunswick. Shute has been librarian of the Presbyterian College at McGill since 1979. His teaching appointments include seminars on preaching and Presbyterianism at McGill University, and Hebrew at Facultré de Théologie Evangélique. His research interest is focused on the Italian Reformer, Peter Martyr Vermigli.