Registration for all DLI Courses Now Open!

We are excited to announce that we now have our course registration system in place and are ready to process registrations for all Davenant Latin Institute courses for the coming year!

To register, just go to the appropriate category page and select your desired course:

Note that you will not be charged tuition until three weeks in advance of the course start date (for tutorial courses, we can negotiate any preferred start date after April 30th).

Please note that all course offerings are dependent on demand, and you will not be charged if a course is cancelled due to lack of enrollment. This may be the case for the Advanced Patristic and Medieval offerings which are experimental this year to see how much interest there is for these. If you are not sure which course is best for you, just fill out one of the inquiry forms below the course listings.

The Davenant Latin Institute aims to equip today’s seminarians, graduate students, and teachers with the competency to unearth the treasures of our theological tradition, reading them in the original and perhaps even translating them for others to enjoy. We offer a program of online and residential courses, introductory, intermediate, and advanced, equipping students with basic Latin reading competence and, for those that desire, the skills they need to engage with and translate some of the most difficult early modern theological texts.