The Christian Right (and Wrong)

Harp’s narrative provides useful history, but a more charitable and accurate assessment is needed to develop a contemporary Protestant political theology

The Classical (Thomistic) Doctrine of God

Dodds’ work is excellent exposition of the classical doctrine of God, answering the everyday questions of believers. It is unfortunately let down by beginning the development of monotheism with Abraham rather than Adam.

Pilgrim Faith Posts Now Hosted at Modern Reformation Blog

Since June, my online writing has been published on the Modern Reformation blog. Each time a new article is published there, I will add a link here. So you can continue to watch this spot for updates. So far, Modern Reformation has published seven of my pieces (listed below).

1. Civilization, Confession, Persuasion (Part 1)
2. Civilization, Confession, Persuasion (Part 2)
3. The Politics of Faith (Part 1)
4. The Politics of Faith (Part 2)
5. The Spiritual Precision of Jesus
6. The Woke and the Red Pill (Part 1): Conjoined Twins at War
7. The Woke and the Red Pill (Part 2): The Search for Third Ways