Carl Trueman Appointed to Davenant Board

We are excited to announce that Dr. Carl R. Trueman has been appointed to the Davenant Institute Board of Directors. 

Dr. Trueman serves as Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Grove City College, PA, and is widely respected as a scholar, teacher, and writer. His 2020 book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self is widely regarded as one of the most influential works of religious scholarship in recent decades. He has authored numerous other books including Crisis of Confidence, To Change All Worlds, The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, and John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man. He is also a Contributing Editor at First Things and co-host of the popular Mortification of Spin podcast.

Dr. Trueman is a long time supporter of Davenant’s work. He was a panelist at our “Future of Protestantism” event in 2014, which served to launch Davenant into the public spotlight. He spoke at our Davenant 2017 Convivium Irenicum, has written for Ad Fontes, and recently penned the foreword to our highly popular book Why Do Protestants Convert?

Upon his appointment to the Board, Prof. Trueman said the following:

I am delighted and honored to be joining the board. I have supported Davenant’s vision for many years. Protestant Christians today urgently need resources to help them think through the big ethical and moral issues of our day in a way that is grounded in the Bible as articulated in the historic, confessional tradition. I look forward to working to help the Institute remain faithful to its calling.

The Chairman of the Board, Prof. Scott Pryor, added his welcome:

Davenant is thrilled to add a scholar and public intellectual of the caliber of Dr. Trueman to our Board. Davenant’s mission to renew Christian wisdom for the contemporary church will be greatly enhanced by his engagement.

Dr. Trueman comes to us with a proven track record of institutional and intellectual leadership, and will be leading the board’s presidential search committee as Davenant looks to continue its mission for years to come. We look forward to many bright days ahead!