Davenant Trust Becomes Refo500 Partner and RefoRC member

We’re pleased to announce that earlier this week the Davenant Trust became an official partner with Refo500:

Briefly, Refo500 and its affiliate RefoRC (the Reformation Research Consortium) are organizations led by Herman Selderhuis (who also serves on the Davenant Trust’s board of advisors) dedicated to promoting events and projects commemorating the Reformation in the run-up to (and aftermath of) its 500th anniversary in 2017. By bringing together various partner organizations, Refo500 hopes to make the many different events to be held in 2017 more effective and more well-known to anyone who might have an interest in marking the occasion. You can learn more about what partnership with Refo500 means from this brief description on the Refo500 site.

REFO 500 Logo ondertitel - connecting you then and nowFor the Davenant Trust, this means that through Refo500 we now have more explicit ties to the more than 120 other institutions, publishers, and organizations affiliated with Refo500. These institutions include groups ranging from the Acton Institute to Maney Publishing to the University of St. Andrews’ Reformation Studies Institute to Crossway to Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion.

As we continue our work to promote Christian wisdom and a reacquaintance with the riches of historical Protestantism, affiliation with Refo500 should prove to be a great asset.