Davenant Trust Launches Mid-Atlantic Chapter with Philadelphia Lecture

Nearly fifty people braved high winds and torrential rains in the mid-Atlantic last Friday night to hear Davenant President Brad Littlejohn’s lecture, “Richard Hooker: Reformed, Anglican, or Both?” hosted by the St. Mark’s Fellows at St. Mark’s Reformed Episcopal Church in Rydal, PA. This event marked an important step in The Davenant Trust’s mission to forge ties of conversation and collaboration between the Reformed and Anglican traditions, and we look forward to ongoing partnership with the St. Mark’s Fellows.

On Saturday, October 3rd, The Davenant Trust kicked off our Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter with a one-day Convivium Irenicum hosted at Westminster Theological Seminary. Scholars, students, and interested laypeople from around the region gathered to hear and discuss papers on the thought of Alvin Plantinga, Thomas Aquinas, and the Genevan theologian Lambert Daneau, as well as to participate in a panel discussion on the meaning and usefulness of natural law theory. Many new friendships were forged in the course of our discussion and meals together, and we have high hopes for establishing a strong network in the Mid-Atlantic area and hosting many future events there.

The Davenant Trust would like to particularly thank Bart Gingerich of St. Mark’s REC, and Joel and Anna Carini of Westminster Seminary, for their hard work in organizing this event.