Dr. Alastair Roberts Joins the Davenant Institute


The Davenant Institute is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Alastair Roberts as a long-term Teaching Fellow. Dr. Roberts, who has taught summer intensive programs and lectured on behalf of the Davenant Institute in the past, will continue to teach residential courses and lecture on a larger scale, as well as writing, developing online courses, and recording Davenant Discussions and podcasts on our behalf.

Dr. Roberts is a highly-regarded theological writer who hails from Durham, UK and who writes on subjects as diverse as biblical typology, political theology, and sexual ethics. He is the co-author of Echoes of Exodus (Crossway, 2018) and author of Heirs Together: A Theology of the Sexes (Crossway, forthcoming 2019), along with other forthcoming publications. In addition to his extensive writing at his blog, alastairadversaria.com, and many other venues, he has served for several years as editor of the Politics of Scripture department at Political Theology Today and a host of the Mere Fidelity podcast.

Dr. Roberts will be splitting time among Davenant, the Theopolis Institute and the Greystone Theological Institute. He plans to move to Philadelphia later this year to marry and settle down.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]