VIDEO: Davenant Discussions: Is Reason Hostile to Faith?

In this first video of our new Davenant Discussions series, we begin exploring the first of four pillars of Davenant’s vision: Reason. What is it and why should we not see it as hostile to orthodox faith?

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Video Questions

0:37 Human reason is a big, imposing concept. Christians on the one hand see the importance of reason—we like world-view curriculum, we want to be reasoning, reflective Christians. But on the other hand there is concern that too much emphasis on reason can make us rationalistic and corrupt the simplicity of our faith in God and his Word. When you speak of reason, what do you have in mind by “human reason” and why is it integral to Davenant’s work?

2:55 So you mentioned an Enlighment view of reason versus a Christian humanist view of reason. Are there particular historical models you would point to as examples of how this more Christian view of reason has been developed and deployed?

4:44 Because the Bible is our primary revelation to us isn’t too much emphasis on reason in some way saying that the Bible isn’t primary or sufficient in what it says about reality?

6:49 Christian parents have heard the stories of children going off to school, studying philosophy, and leaving the faith. So how should we encourage Christian parents to teach their children to love God, the scriptures, and to use reason well?