First Carolinas Regional Convivium


Our first ever Carolinas Regional Convivium Irenicum is scheduled for January 5th and 6th, 2018. D. Blair Smith, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at RTS Charlotte, will provide the plenary lecture with a working topic of the Fatherhood of God in Pro-Nicene Theology. In addition to the plenary lecture, we are accepting paper submissions from individuals who wish to do so (email Brittain Brewer). Please note: this event is athematic, so we encourage you to write on a topic of your choice as it relates to the Davenant Institute’s mission.

Attendants should begin arriving around 5:30pm, Jan. 5th, at the Davenant House for a light dinner. The convivium will commence that evening and go through 5:30 the following evening. We will end as close to schedule as possible in order that people may get back home for worship on Sunday.

Some attendants have graciously offered to provide food for all meals and prepare it during the events. Others will be assigned for at least one set-up/clean-up shift.